Monday, June 15


You’ll never guess what we did this weekend. I can hardly believe it myself. Andrew and I got matching tattoos!

Just kidding.

Seriously, though. My mother-in-law emailed on Friday and said she was going out of town and that my father-in-law’s best bud and his wife were also going to be out of town. And that, obviously, meant that my FIL needed to be entertained. My MIL asked if we had any projects around the house that needed to be taken care of, because Mark would love to have something to do. I said that we could use some help cleaning out our gutters.

Mark emailed back shortly, saying that he’d come over right after work with the ladder and clean out the gutters. And that maybe Saturday he would come over and build the gate we’d been talking about (a gate to close off our deck to keep the cats on the deck, basically). And true to his word, he was there Friday evening around 6:00 to clean the gutters. And we got to talking, and instead of him coming over on Saturday to build the gate, he was going to come over to build some benches on our deck. Built-ins, around the back corner.

And that sounded awesome. We’d wanted built-in benches for awhile, but it always seemed like one of those future, distant projects, like finishing the basement or cleaning the bathroom.

But all day Saturday and a good chunk of Sunday ending up being devoted to building these benches. No gate yet, though. Maybe next weekend.

This is a candid shot. Apparently this is a face I really make.
I was trying to decide if the seat felt comfortable,
like a reasonable bench seat. Yes, am a dork.

Yes, the one on top is my husband. Isn't he darling?


Kenton said...

Wow, very nice work.

Stephanie said...

Wow! How beautiful and exciting! I can't wait to test them at your next soiree!
btw, you had me going with the tattoos... I'm so damn gullible!

Emoly said...

So let me get this straight, you have people in your life who will help you come clean out your gutters and build you fancy things to stave off boredom?

Anonymous said...

Emoly is right. You can't possibly have any idea how fortunate you are. Very, very. The benches look great.

MOM said...

Do you think Mark would like to come over and rebuild our ugly deck?

Sodapop said...

I like the seats, cool & entertaining.