Monday, June 1

I can ride my bike with no handlebars

Last weekend Andrew and I bought a stationary bike. We’re sick of going to the gym. Or we were sick of it three months ago, which is when we stopped going to the gym. We’d been thinking about buying an exercise bike for a long time, but they all seemed so expensive. Or crappy. We didn’t want to spend a bunch of money on something that wouldn’t last, and we felt like we couldn’t afford to spend a bunch of money, so we never purchased anything.

But then we found it. We were browsing at a fitness equipment place, and were considering a few of the bikes. The salesman was telling us about the different features and whatnot, then casually suggested we check out the Tectrix, a bike that was recently traded in for a newer model. It’s just $300, he said.

We checked it out. It looked sort of dated, and wasn’t as flashy as the new bikes. But it was sturdy, and had all the functions we were looking for. It seemed too good to be true. We decided to leave the store and think about it.

So we left and looked up the bike online. That same model, used, was going for about $1200 to $2000 online. So $300? Very cheap. We went back to the store right after lunch and sealed the deal. We are now the proud owners of a Tectrix BikeMax 3000. And I’ve even been getting up early before work to exercise. In fact, I’ve worked out five of the last seven days. Not bad, eh? And I don’t miss the gym at all.

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Stephanie said...

Five times?!?!! You're so good... now I feel like a slacker... I'm still sore from Friday's workout. :(
I took my bike in last week to get a tune-up and it's supposed to be done today! Hooray! Hopefully I'll be as diligent as you and Andrew. I just got a shiny new purple bike helmet, so hopefully the excitement of showing that off will motivate me to ride my bike.