Wednesday, April 14

Mistaken Identity

Milo and I went for a walk this morning in the park, and while we were on the trail, we passed a group of older gentlemen out for their morning constitutional. They paused to admire Milo, and said things like, "Oh, she's just the prettiest little thing, isn't she?" and "How old is she?" and "What's her name?"

Clearly they thought Milo was a girl.

Which, frankly, I am fine with. I mean, he's a baby for crissakes, who can tell? But today he was wearing BLUE, even. Don't people generally assume babies wearing blue are boys?

I didn't want to embarrass the old guys so I tried to avoid the name question. But one guy asked again. I said, "Actually, he's a boy. His name is Milo." They all hastily explained that they mistook him for a girl (no kidding) and that he was "too pretty to be a boy."

So there you have it, kid. Strangers think you are too pretty to be a boy. I'm sure that bodes well for your future.


Lindsay said...

Tee hee! He is a rather pretty baby, but maybe their old-men eyesight couldn't see that he clearly looks like a boy.

Linda and Matthew said...

People thought Charlotte was a boy all the time. I was at the post office a few weeks after she was born and a gentleman there asked me what "his" name was. I told him Charlotte. The kicker was that she was wearing a DRESS. A blue one, but a dress nonetheless. Ah, the powers of observation.

Emoly said...

Eli was mistaken for a girl too--but that's probably our fault for dressing him in lavender. He's so pretty in lavender :-)