Tuesday, April 27

Who's it gonna be?

In Milo's 3D sonogram pictures, he looked EXACTLY like me. I was sure of it. He had the same nose and mouth that I had seen in my newborn photos. And then he was born, further solidifying my belief that he looked just like me and my side of the family (especially with his maybe, sort of reddish hair).

But then.

Then Sarah, my MIL, whipped out a photo of Andrew when he was about six or seven weeks old. And my vision of raising a mini-me flew out the window.

Milo looks just like Andrew. Check out the photographic evidence below. Do you see the resemblance?

Clockwise from top left: Milo, 4 weeks; Andrew, 6ish weeks; Milo, 4 1/2 weeks; Megan, 2 days


Courtney said...

I think he looks like both of you. Really.

Molly said...

Love Andrew's ominous expression!

Lindsay said...

He's totally got Andrew's eyes and chin, but your nose, mouth and hair. What a perfect mix of both of you!

katy said...

I still think he looks more like you :) in an "I'm a boy" sort of way of course