Thursday, April 22

Noteworthy Thursday #31/One month (and a few hours) already? No way.

Happy one-month birthday, Milo!

Dear Milo,

So much has changed since you were born. For instance, I thought I'd get this entry written and posted before midnight when you woke up to be fed. But then you surprised us and slept nearly eight hours in a row. And don't get me wrong, I am not complaining about that. Every day is a little different.

You are more alert and seem to recognize us more. We swear, you are *this close* to smiling. I thought you hated baths, due to the screaming and whatnot, but last night you were actually calm the entire duration you were in the tub. You had this look on your face, like, "I'm not sure what's going on, but, eh, this isn't so bad, I guess. Yes, Dad, keep on scrubbing. I shall tolerate it like a man." And you looked about as cute as you ever have (and as your mother, I can verify that you have looked VERY cute many times).

You continue to amaze me. Every. Single. Day. And I love you more and more. Every. Single. Day. Happy one-month, Milo.



Lindsay said...

So stinking cute! And I love the pillow next to him as a size reference. Happy one month, little man!

Emoly said...

Why are you spreading lies about babies who sleep 8 hours in a row?

Super Dad Man (Andrew) said...

I started that bath because he was screaming and inconsolable. I thought, "Eh, as long as he's screaming, might as well do an activity he'll scream through anyway." Storm before the calm I guess. Thanks buddy.

Grandma Susan said...

I was there for the picture taking and I'm still amazed at how cute and sweet he looks. Where has this month gone? I love you, Milo!

Molly said...

What a beautifully styled picture. One month - wow!

katy said...

Milo you're the cutest! We still can't wait to meet you!