Sunday, November 21

Eight Months Old!

At eight months, Milo's weight hovers somewhere close to 16 and a half pounds. Pretty sure he's small for his age.

At eight months, Milo is on the move. He crawls, he pulls himself to standing, and he when we hold his hands, he walks and walks and walks.

At eight months, Milo has a love-hate relationship with food. When we started solids, he loved them and ate like a champ. Then he decided he didn't want to eat anymore. Now he's in an eating phase, and is generally content to try new things. I hope it lasts.

At eight months, Milo has eaten sweet potato, rice cereal, peas, carrots, zucchini, yellow squash, avocado, banana, apple, pear, Gerber Puffs, pancakes, bread and butter, cheese, yogurt, and golden beets.

At eight months, Milo prefers to pick up his own food rather than be spoon-fed.

At eight months, Milo loves his pacifier. Still. I honestly don't know how I would ever detach him from my boob without it.

At eight months, Milo has developed an attachment to a small, pink, sample-size bottle of Johnson & Johnson baby lotion. He carries that bottle everywhere. It is the closest thing to a lovey that he's got.

At eight months, Milo has a great sense of humor and loves to laugh. He anticipates what we're going to do when we play with him, and he shrieks with laughter when he knows we're about to act silly. It's great fun.

At eight months, Milo's favorite toys are his plastic stacking rings and these little balls that make a twinkly noise when he shakes them. But both of those pale in comparison to his little pink bottle.

At eight months, Milo has been primarily sick over the last month.

At eight months, Milo stands up in his crib. We go in to find him standing there, crying, unsure of how to lay back down and go to sleep.

At eight months, Milo is not a great sleeper. He does okay at night, though he still typically wakes once for changing and nursing. During the day, though, his naps are minimal. If he sleeps more than an hour total over three naps, we're pleased.

At eight months, Milo is getting more and more hair. It's light brown.

At eight months, Milo has gorgeous gray-blue eyes.

At eight months, Milo is incredibly sweet. There's nothing else like the feeling of him resting his head on my shoulder.

At eight months, Milo babbles more and more. Favorite sounds include buh, dadada, wuhwuh, duh duh, mmmmuh, eeeeee. He also makes sort of grunty and shrieky noises, presumably to test out the ol' vocal chords.

At eight months, Milo climbs all over us during floor time. It's super fun to have a baby climbing on you; I recommend it.

At eight months, Milo seems to like daycare. One of the morning teachers always sings to him when he gets there, "They call him Mellow Milo." It's clear the teachers adore him.

At eight months, Milo is my favorite little guy. Some days I wish I could stay home with him all the time. Now that I've been back at work for awhile, I really miss the days of my maternity leave. It wasn't easy to spend all day every day with Milo, but it was a lot easier than spending all day every day without him.


Kenton said...

Make them stop! Make them stop! They are getting to old!

Grandma Susan said... cute. He used to sit there so calmly for his monthly photo. Now, he looks like he is ready to climb down and take off. Where has the time gone???

Emoly said...

I love that expression on his face!

Courtney said...

Cute how the pink bottle made it into the picture. I love how he is trying to climb down! Sheesh, he'll be talking and walking by the time I get to see him again.

Lindsay said...

His lovey is a lotion bottle! So cute. :) And, I love that he's crawling off the chair now. :)