Tuesday, November 22

Milo's First Haircut

Just one day before he turned 20 months old, Milo finally got his first haircut. And honestly, he barely needed it. He just had this shaggy rat-tail/mullet thing going on in the back that had to be taken care of. Getting a first haircut is one of those traditional firsts for babies/toddlers. You take photos, you save a lock of that baby-fine hair. And then you marvel at how grown up your baby looks.

Also, if you're me, you turn into a big ball of sappy sobbing mush on the way to the haircut. It just made me so sad, to think that my baby was suddenly not going to look like my baby anymore (spoiler alert: he still totally looked like my baby afterward). And the more firsts Milo experiences, the fewer there are left. And when all the firsts are over, what then? He'll just be a big kid, and my first baby will be gone. The whole thing made me a little emotional.

But the actual haircutting experience was wonderful. We went to Sugar & Spice, a kids-only salon, and it was incredible. Little cars for the kids to sit in, TVs to watch during the cut, and lots of toys and things around to play with before and after. I definitely recommend this place, even though paying that much for a kid's haircut seems sort of ridiculous. And yet, I will totally go back when Milo needs his next haircut, probably sometime in 2013.

Enough talk. Time for photos.

Digging the car.


Mesmerized by the television.

I'll miss that crazy baby hair.

He sat completely still for the entire haircut. Gripped the steering wheel and stared at the TV. We didn't even have to break out the Cheerios.

Watching Daddy in the mirror.

Clearly pleased with his new style.

Saying "cheese!" Pretty cute, for a not-quite-in-focus photo.
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Courtney said...

Is that a little baby mohawk? Oh my.