Thursday, November 17

Milo's Second Halloween

So now that Thanksgiving is just a week away, I thought it was time to post some Halloween photos. Some are from Milo's daycare Halloween party/trick-or-treating extravaganza, a few are from our post-dinner attempt to trick-or-treat. But sadly, we forgot to take the camera to the daycare party, so we missed most of the early action. The shots we do have were taken after the group came to our house to trick-or-treat and we were able to grab the camera. By that point, Milo was about done with the whole thing, if he was ever into it, that is. Not sure he really grasped the concept of trick-or-treating, and he didn't like following the other kids around to different places in the backyard for some reason he couldn't figure out. And I'm pretty sure he must have been roasting in his fleecy costume. The sun was out and it was quite warm that afternoon.  All that said, it was pretty fun to see Milo in his adorable little bumblebee costume holding his little pumpkin treat bucket. 

What the heck is going on? And why am I holding this bucket?
At least you're not making me wear the hood.
Are we done yet?
I do like this little green cup. Cups are fun for sure.
Look, flowers! Bees love flowers!
But I don't want to smell the flowers again just so you can try to take a picture this time. You should have taken the picture the first time I smelled the flowers.
Look, Daddy, nunchucks!
What? You're supposed to unwrap it first? Nonsense.
My first (and possibly only) taste of Halloween candy. Mmmmm.
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Super Dad Man (Andrew) said...

Seventh Picture down.
I'm hoping Milo will grow up to be the ninja I never was.

Grandma Susan said...

Those pictures are precious. His enthusiasm there was matched only by his confusion over watching all the strange people in weird costumes tossing candy at the Halloween parade.