Tuesday, November 29

How about sticking to onesies, then?

This morning Milo came over to me, frantically waving his hand toward me and making the best sounds he could to get my attention. "What is it, Sweetie?" I asked him.

Upon closer inspection, I saw that he had poop all over his hand. And he did not like it one little bit.

He had apparently reached down into his pants post-poop for reasons I do not really understand, and gotten the goods all over his hand. And part of his shirt.

So yeah, that happened. At least he didn't fingerpaint all over the walls with his own feces or anything. And while I'm not naive enough to think this will be the last time my son grabs a handful of his own poop, I hope we don't repeat this often.


Linda and Matthew said...

We had a similar issue when somebody *ahem*Matt*ahem* forgot to put a diaper back on Audrey. She was so distressed!

Anonymous said...

This is a great story about growing up. It sounds like Milo is interested in exploring things (curious), did not like what he found in his diaper (classy and cultivated), and likely will not want to reach into it again (smart). It is all good.