Sunday, January 22

He's 22 Months Old, So Don't Even Tell Me He's Almost Two. As If.

Milo is 22 months old. For the first time, I missed taking his picture and posting his stats on the 21st of the month. And here I thought I might actually make it to the two-year mark before missing it by a day or two. Oh well, what can you do?

Milo is so fun. And funny. He makes silly faces and silly noises and sings and dances and beats on his chest like Tarzan. He makes me laugh every single day.

He is learning his letters, numbers, and colors. I'm surprised sometimes how many letters he can identify, especially hard ones like Q and W. He can count some, but he likes to start with 4 and count up to 9. Colors are still tricky, but he knows Daddy's car is black and Mommy's car is blue.

The kid loves fruit. Blueberries, grapes, oranges, bananas, apples, raisins (does that count as a fruit?), pears, kiwi. He also loves eggs, cheese, peas, corn, french fries, pizza, juice, milk, peanut butter, and occasionally cookies or ice cream. Sometimes he refuses dessert, which is fine by me.

Opinions. He has them.

He's speaking in longer sentences. A common one right now is "Oo dat soun, Mommy?" which translates to "What's that sound, Mommy?" He hears things I don't, and is constantly asking what made the sound. Often it's a train or airplane, sometimes it's something like Daddy shutting a door, where I have to rewind my subconscious to see if I even know what the sound was. Milo's vocabulary is huge, or it seems huge to me. I really have no idea how he stacks up to the average 22-month-old, but he sure impresses me.

We've been putting him in time out this month. He is always pushing the limits and seeing how we'll react when he does the opposite of what we ask him to do. So we're trying to set boundaries and be consistent. Time-outs may or may not be working. Sometimes he seems very upset to be going to time out, other times he casually walks over to the time-out spot and just chills until we tell him he can get up, like it's no big thing. Hoping to cut back on bad behavior, like...throwing food. Smacking Mommy and Daddy. Refusing to pick up toys. Dropping his cup or fork on the floor. Banging on the table. Refusing to do X, Y, or Z -- anything we ask him to do, really. None of his behaviors are that bad, the bad part is that he directly doesn't obey when we ask him to do/not do something. And I think we're supposed to be in control, somehow. I think.

He loves books and loves storytime before bed. Lately we've been reading a couple books about a new baby in the house. I still have no idea how much of it is sinking in, the whole new baby thing. We'll find out soon enough, I guess.

Milo's daycare situation is wonderful. He's been at Kristin's for about five months now, and he hasn't really been sick at all. Maybe one cold and a potential ear infection or two that we've fought off with drops before it got started. He knows all the kids there, he enjoys the crafts, and it's just been a good place for him. His teacher says he's pretty quiet there, which kind of surprises me. He's constantly babbling at home. Maybe he's just more of an observer and keeps his thoughts to himself. He seems happy there, though, and that's what matters most.

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Grandma Susan said...

Oh, how I miss seeing that little boy. This darn cold. Hopefully a few more days and I'll be germ free!

Anonymous said...

He looks like such a little man already, adorable!