Monday, January 30


My due date isn't really February 6. It's February 5.

I know. Shocking.

At my first doctor's appointment, the nurse asked what my LMP was and when I told her, she turned that little paper circle chart to come up with a due date of 2/6/12. Which, mathematically speaking, is a pretty awesome due date. At my next appointment a few weeks later, I was told my due date was February 5. I said, wait, I thought it was the 6th. They explained that sometimes when they put the info in the computer, it spits out a slightly different date than the paper circle.

Oh. So that's fine and all, but I really preferred the 6th. I figured at the doctor and for anything official, my date would be 2/5, but in my mind and what I was going to tell people would be 2/6, just because I liked it more.

But ohhhhhh, my. Now that both dates are within spitting distance, I really really want to focus on the 5th. Because that is one day closer. One day sooner to The End.

Which is ridiculous. I know this. If stubborn baby doesn't come out on her own, I'm not going to be induced until February 16. WHAT? That is absolutely too far away. This morning I woke up with general pregnancy aches and pains, plus a headache and sore throat. Just generally feeling sick. I stayed home from work, and have since spent some time on the couch, watching TV and convincing myself that I cannot be pregnant for one more minute. I honestly don't know how I would make it to 2/16. Everything hurts.

Please send go-into-labor-NOW vibes my way. Whether you go with 2/6 or 2/5, I just want this baby out asap.


Linda and Matthew said...

Aw, I feel for you! I was 10days late with Charlotte which is why my c-section with Audrey was scheduled one day after my due date! It is also why I believe that any one who says they enjoy being pregnant is either delusional or lying. Sending "baby, get out!" Gibes your way!

Megan Langford said...

Thanks, Linda!

Wifey said...

I love your confession. 1 day can make such a difference! Definitely sending vibes your way - the 16th seems SO far away so I'm hoping for the 5th! Get moving and shake that girl up so she wants out, GOOD LUCK!