Friday, January 6

Wrapping Up: My 2011 Resolutions

I wrote a post about a couple of New Year's resolutions I was (reluctantly) making almost exactly one year ago. And now that 2011 is over, I thought I'd follow up on those resolutions and let you know how it all turned out.

I hate New Year's resolutions. But this year, I actually have a couple of them. And in order to help keep me accountable, I will share them here with you.
  1. In typical New-Year's-resolution fashion, I want to lose weight. (More weight, that is, on top of the 40 pounds I've already lost since Milo was born.) Twelve pounds, to be exact. This will get me back to my college/living-in-New-York/wedding weight. And I will be satisfied with this weight.
  2. I want to decorate our bedroom. I absolutely hate it right now, and I have lots of ideas to decorate it. Unfortunately, these decorating plans of mine all cost money. But this is the year I no longer want to just live with the room I hate. I want to make it a place I love to be, rather than just a place I sleep in. I'm thinking navy, light gray, butter yellow, and crisp white...
Well. Let's start with #1, shall we? If memory serves me correctly, I lost maybe five more pounds after that, then sort of plateaued for three or four months. Then I went and got myself pregnant. And in typical pregnant fashion, I then proceeded to gain 40 pounds (and counting). Maybe this weight loss goal will have to go back on the 2012 resolution list.

As for #2, I began to make some headway on this goal throughout the year by buying things like a new duvet, new side tables, accessories, switching out our dresser for Milo's old one, and generally filling up the room with things that would be used someday. Then the room finally, finally got painted about two weeks before Christmas. And that's where we're at. An almost completely painted room (still a couple of places that got patched that need to be painted) that needs the new trim hung, puttied, caulked, and touched up with paint. Then we'll be in business. I'm hoping by summer this room will be complete. But as for a 2011 resolution? FAIL. I blame it on that whole pregnancy sick-for-two-trimesters thing. Definitely not just laziness.


Molly said...

Very cool that you revisited your resolutions. It's funny how pregnancy totally derails a lot of goals!

Grandma Susan said...

But just think of all the other things you accomplished in your house this past year. I'd say you have done remarkably well considering 2 trimesters of sickness! Your house is coming together beautifully!

MOM said...

Perhaps I should have named that last post "MOM" said---after all I'm not your grandma.