Wednesday, February 1


Milo and I have been reading a book called Animals Everywhere. It's been in the rotation for several weeks now, so it's gotten quite a bit of play at bedtime. The book has an environmental theme and features real animals in their real environments, animals that most toddlers might not know. Brown marmots, pheasants, manatees, that sort of thing. As we read, I like to point out the different animals, count them, whatever.

So tonight we were reading the page about the turtles, frogs, alligators, and egrets in the bog. I asked Milo how many turtles he saw. He said nothing. "Where are the turtles?" I asked him. Silence. I pointed to the egrets and said, "Are those the turtles, Milo?" He took his paci out of his mouth and said "Egrets." Who knew he actually picked up on what an egret was? Such a brilliant kid I have.

Then I pointed to the turtles and said, "There are the turtles; how many turtles are there?" And he said, "Three!" which is totally the right answer, further confirming his intelligence. He's so awesome.


Grandma Susan said...

I never doubted it for a moment!

Lindsay said...

Definitely a genius. Fo Sho. :)

Stephanie said...

I love that he can count the turtles!