Sunday, February 5

Sigh... and Random Thoughts

At the risk of sounding like a broken record (a reference sure to sail over Sissy's head, if/when she ever arrives), I still have not had the baby. Today is my due date. I'm going to start charging her late fees after this. Three weeks ago when my doctor told me I was three centimeters, I did not think for one second that I would still be pregnant at this point. And yet here I am.

Andrew and I went to a movie this afternoon while Grandma Susan watched Milo. We saw The Descendants, starring George Clooney. Good film, but made me cry a lot. I'm a crier in general, but pregnancy doesn't help matters. But it was nice to get out and go on a date. It reminded me of the days just before Milo was born, when Andrew and I thought, better get out and see movies while we still can.

Last night we actually watched the MU-kU game (I'm still a Tiger at heart; see how I lowercased the k?). To say that we are not sports fans is an understatement, but it was fun and our team won, so that's always good. Tonight I hear there is another sporting event on the television. Something called the Super Bowl. Maybe Sissy is just not into the sports, so she figured she'd wait until all this hullabaloo was over before making her appearance. Crossing my fingers that that is the case.

Milo has learned how to cross his fingers. To explain what it meant in simple terms, I said it meant good luck. So he's been crossing his fingers a lot lately and saying "guh lllluck." It's adorable, the way he works so hard to get the right finger crossed over the one next to it. Hearing him learn all these new phrases and things is so fun. Weird to think that this new baby won't be able to talk at all. She'll have everything to learn still. Good thing she'll have her big brother to explain it all.

Signing off, before I start crying for the second time today.

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Cherish Blogs said...

I love the late fee idea, that's hysterical. I was hoping to read that you had a baby girl in your arms. Hopefully she comes this week...surely she has to be getting bored in there!!! And the crossing fingers/good luck thing is adorable. He is growing up so fast!!