Monday, November 19

Getting to Know You

Hello, world. I'm Megan. But you know that. You already know me, because you are my friends and family. I'm 5' 8", with strawberry-blond hair and really bad eyesight. Yes. That is me.

Welcome to my blog. I've been wanting to start one of these things for awhile. My sister, Courtney, started a blog and like older sisters tend to do, she inspired me to start my own. Even though Courtney and I don't talk very often, I feel like I know what's going on with her since she started blogging. You know, I feel all connected and shit (Sorry, Mom and Dad, for the swearing. But if I'm going to write one of these blog things, I have to be me. I know you didn't raise me this way.).

(Blog... I don't care for that word. It reminds me of something one might cough up if one should get the flu. Yes, hello, strangers who might read this. I talk about phlegm.) (But enough with the parentheses already.)

Anyway...what was the point? Oh, yes. The point is, I started a blog (ew, there's that word again) because I have a lot of friends that live hundreds of miles away, and while we do talk once in a while, I thought that if I started writing about my life, people might feel more connected to me, like I do to Courtney, so I wrote the longest sentence known to mankind. And then I got all sentimental, blah blah blah. Ultimately my plan is to one day support my family with this website like she does. So pass on this link to anyone who cares and even those who don't care so much. I'm about to get this party started.


Emily said...

This is a very exciting development Megan :-).

erika d. said...

Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging! Mine is just a photo blog but gives some sense of what we're up to. Looking forward to your updates. Happy Thanksgiving!