Monday, November 26

My Personality in a Nutshell

At work, my team just took the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator test. If you’re not familiar with it, this test gives you a four-letter code that describes your personality type. My company is having everyone take this test so we can all learn how best to work with each other and whatnot. I’m sure having this information will be useful and not at all a waste of everyone’s time (part of my personality is critical and skeptical—seriously).

The test indicated that I am an ISFJ, meaning I am Introverted, Sensing, Feeling, and Judging. I’m not going to go into detail on what all that means. You all know how to google. However, below is what the results said my personality is like. I’m not sure I agree with all of it (my commentary is included for your reading pleasure).

ISFJs are typically dependable and helpful to others, often behind the scenes (though I would prefer to get credit for this sort of thing). They accept responsibility beyond the call of duty (define “beyond the call of duty”) and follow through until their work is completed. They notice what needs to be done to help people, and they do so quietly.

They focus on seeing the facts clearly and accurately, especially those related to people. Facts are also important to ISFJs in making practical decisions (actually, I tend to avoid making practical decisions altogether). They are sympathetic, tactful, and supportive of others in need. They often notice and do little things that help others feel good and also get the job done.

ISFJs tend to act soundly and sensibly. However, in a crisis it is difficult for them to remain calm and composed (how would they know? I’ve never been in a real crisis). They find it hard to hide their distress (yes, true, I am an open book) and may worry until the situation is resolved.

Usually ISFJs are thorough, painstaking, and patient with particulars and procedures (ew, yuck, no way). They rely on their past experiences for guidance. They come across as consistent, kind, and moderate.

ISFJs are likely to be most satisfied in a work environment that values responsibility, organization, accuracy (I am a big fan of accuracy), and people. People can count on them to notice what needs to be done for others and to follow through in a timely matter.

So...does that sound like me? I’m not completely convinced.


Andrew said...

Hmmm... I found out my personality is COOL, which stands for cool.

Sarah Brown said...

We did this in my doctoral program, and you and I are the same thing! I agree with your take on it, but it is pretty accurate for me. Accurate!?! Sounds terribly familiar!