Saturday, November 24


Three words (or five, depending on how you view hyphens): Sing-a-long Mary Poppins.

Oh yes. It is coming to Kansas City.

Friday, December 14. 6:30pm. Union Station. The Regnier Extreme Screen (yes, those Regniers).

This is an open invitation for all you Kansas City people to come and sing your little hearts out. I know you know the words. I will be there. Will you?


Courtney said...

Sounds so fun! If only it were a week later when I will be in KC.

katy said...

too bad we (the california regniers) won't be in town. it would be funny to watch a movie on a screen named after yourself (or rather to be more accurate... a screen named after your husband's grandparents which happens to also be your name)