Wednesday, November 21

Team Boston

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving Day, and that means that this is the time of year when our friends start coming to town in droves. Except no droves yet. Just Paul. So Andrew and I have been hanging out with Paul because we like him. Last night we went to a bar in Lenexa for Trivia Night.

I am not really a bar person. I hate cigarette smoke and too-loud music. I would rather not pay $2.75 a bottle for mediocre beer. I don’t care to see drunk old guys ogling the waitresses in their ultra-low-rise jeans. But we went to a bar because it was Trivia Night. And it turned out to be really fun.

I think we actually came in last place. In our defense, we managed to stay ahead of at least one other team for most of the game, then wagered all our points in the last round and ended up losing it all. We just weren’t the right age for this particular trivia. The questions were largely based on music, movies, and TV (with a few sports questions thrown in for good measure). If we were ten years older, we might have stood a chance. But it wasn’t meant to be.

Our server wasn’t meant to be, either (You like that segue? This is the kind of high-quality writing you’re going to get.). She was terrible. She preferred to only speak to one of us at the table, then bolt away before another drink was ordered. Andrew seemed to be her customer of choice. Maybe she had a little thing for him. She spoke to me once, so maybe she had a little thing for me, too. But definitely not for Paul. I'm not sure she ever even saw him. Maybe he was wearing his invisibility cloak, Harry Potter style (Have I mentioned that I am a huge dork?).

So Trivia Night was fun. Next time we’ll kick some ass and take some names. Like, in ten years. And let’s not mention the Harry Potter reference ever again.

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Paul said...

I think we were much higher than last place.