Monday, April 14

366 Days (leap year, people) of Wedded Bliss

Today is my very first wedding anniversary. And it is also Andrew’s wedding anniversary. I guess I’ll share this with him (but I totally get the bigger half). I’m just so stinking happy and OVERWHELMED with love and mushy mush etc. etc. It’s been the best year ever. . .

A year of coffee shops and fireplaces, of home-ownership and unbelievably high utility bills. A year of hugs and TV snuggling time. A year of new furniture and fresh paint, and of signage and books and avionics. A year of cats and relaxing on the deck. Growing up and growing together.

Andrew and I went to Columbia this weekend to celebrate our anniversary. We both went to school there and met there, so it seemed fitting to go back. We re-enacted our first date (or what we could remember of it—who could’ve known we should have been taking notes?) by going to the same restaurant and ordering the same appetizer. The weather was pretty awful. It was cold, and ice was continuously falling from the sky. It didn’t really matter, though. Andrew was all the sunshine I needed. (excuse me, I just vomited a little) Seriously, though? It would have been way better if it was sunny.

Tonight we will eat the top layer of our wedding cake, which we froze and saved for this very occasion. I hope it doesn’t taste like ass. And on that note, this entry is done. (I’ll give you an update on how the cake tasted later.)

Mmmmm, caaaaakke. . .

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