Tuesday, April 22

A Tiger, Some Dogs, and a Couple of Goats

I had such a busy weekend; it took me until tonight to manage to write about it all. Or I just didn’t feel like writing yesterday. You don’t own me, you know.

Let me start with Friday night. Andrew and I attended the annual Tiger Ball, a fundraiser for our dear ol’ alma mater, put on by the KC chapter of the alumni association. This is actually the last thing I wanted to do in the world, but Andrew’s employer was a big sponsor and got us in for free, and for reasons I still do not understand, Andrew desperately wanted to go, even though he, quite frankly, isn’t that big a fan of MU, nor does he like being pushed to give money. And on top of that, it was a “creative black tie” event. Who knows what that means, anyway? Well. Let me explain it to you. It means you wear black tie, but then make it look stupid by adding a bunch of tiger stripes. Or a basketball jersey. Or a tail. (We both got an F+ for creativity.)

BUT. It turned out to be pretty fun. And on a completely unrelated note (ahem), did I mention there was an open bar? And we got our picture taken with Truman, which I have included here for your viewing pleasure.

Sooooo glad I brought my camera.

Moving on to Saturday. Our fabulous friends Mike and Erin came to visit us and they brought their adorable puppy with them. So we got to play with a puppy. We took her to a dog park, which was a tad muddy. Also it was full of dogs. Some were a little too slobbery for my taste. Perhaps that is why we have cats?

Look! Look how tiny the puppy is! Arf arf arf!
(incidentally, this is also the photo that makes me think
my hair is too pointy. Perhaps it is time to reconsider this cut?)

Then! On Sunday, we took a Segway tour of the zoo. And it was—wait for it—awesome. Who would have thought that those nerdy things would be so fun? I totally want one. Except I have no idea where I would ever ride it. But if you ever have a chance to ride one, perhaps on one of the Segway Experience tours in KC, you should definitely do that. But be forewarned, they make you wear a helmet. The guide didn’t have to wear a helmet, which seemed unfair. Just because you’re a good bicyclist doesn’t mean you should stop wearing a helmet. Either it’s safe or unsafe, you know? But I digress. The point is, Segway = F-U-N.

We are really too cool for words, I think.

Believe it or not, those are actual kangaroos in the
background. We're not just in front of a green screen.

And as the title promised, I give you goats.

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Andrew said...

That was an action packed weekend. Who know we were such interesting people?