Wednesday, April 16

Cake Update

I know you’ve been waiting with bated breath to hear what the year-old wedding cake tasted like. Or not. But humor me, people.

And. Well. All things considered, it wasn’t too bad. Certainly not all Miss Havisham-like. There was a pool of sugary liquid at the bottom of the container and the icing was slowly separating from the cake. And the cake was a smidge dry, like a cake would taste if it was brought in to the office for a coworker’s retirement party and then it didn’t all get eaten at the party (because seriously, who wants cake at 9:00am? and why are all retirement parties at 9:00am anyway?) and then it sat out on the filing cabinets all day and then the next morning you didn’t have time to eat breakfast before you left the house so you stopped for coffee on the way in and then you saw the cake sitting there and you thought, hmmm, it is only 9:00am but you did skip breakfast, and your coffee would probably be even better with some cake so you decided to have a piece and try not to think about how it had been sitting on the filing cabinet overnight and yeah. It was a little dry on the edge, but still edible. (Or that's how I imagine it would be, if one were to find oneself in such a situation. Definitely not that I have ever done something like that. No no no, not me for sure. nope, no way.)

So that’s pretty much how our wedding cake tasted after a year of being in the freezer.


Molly said...

Thanks for the update. This is something I will not have to wonder about now!!!

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