Thursday, April 10

So much baby news for one day!

This morning, I got an email from our friends Ben and Katy that said that Katy is pregnant with not one but TWO babies! Twins! I can’t believe it. So excited for them! They are going to make super excellent parents.

And then, just a few minutes ago, I got a call from my mom with even bigger news. My sister is in labor! She’s twenty days early, so I definitely wasn’t expecting to hear any baby news. But yay! I’m going to have a little nephew very soon! Courtney has had a really great pregnancy, without any sickness or whatnot, and it looks like she’s going to have a great labor too. Her water broke at 9:00 this morning, and just a few hours later, she’s already dilated 9cm. So Austin is on his way! My mom basically began the long drive to Pennsylvania the minute she heard. She was planning to arrive there a few days before the birth so she could help out and prepare things. It’s too bad she’s going to miss the birth. I’m sure she was looking forward to being there for it. I’ll let you know when the baby arrives and post some pictures as soon as I have them.

All this baby news makes me want one. No, that’s not really accurate. I’ve had babies on my mind for awhile, and hearing about Ben and Katy just sort of reinforces how much I’d like a baby. Don’t get too excited, there’s no peeing-on-a-stick in my immediate future. Just something to look forward to (the baby part, not the peeing part).

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