Thursday, November 13

Noteworthy Thursday #3

Perhaps my favorite thing about notes from “Judy” is the way she only wrote three words per line. I’ve never seen anyone else so inefficiently use the space (and I mean that in the nicest way possible). But really, it was way better this way. I could get a note that only contained two actual sentences, but it would take up half the page, and I’d be all, awww, look what a nice long note I got! And all the kids would be jealous.

(If you can decipher the handwriting, you’ll see a question in pig latin—and yes, we were that cool—and 8th-grade me is going to answer it with this: esyay! ehay ishay osay utecay athay Ihay eldhay ishay andhay enwhay eway ereway anginghay outhay athay orycay’s ousehay!! eeeesqway!!!)


Molly said...

whoa. perhaps it is too early or i am much removed from my 8th grade self. can you translate all of this mess back to english? what were we talking about?

Domestic Goddess said...

The new photo on your sidebar is ADORABLE!