Wednesday, November 26

What's happening tomorrow, again?

This will be the strangest Thanksgiving ever. It's barely going to be celebrated. Thanksgiving and I are merely strangers passing in the night. Weird.

We found out a couple months ago that my in-laws were planning to go to Colorado over Thanksgiving. We declined, preferring to stay in town and relax--even though it was hard to resist the temptation that is the drive across Kansas. Though we would miss seeing them on the holiday, it was actually a bit of relief. Since both of our families live in town, we typically spend every holiday hopping across town, trying to spend adequate time with both families to please everyone, and ultimately not pleasing anyone, least of all ourselves. It can be a bit stressful.

So this year, we thought, we'll be able to just spend the day with my parents, with no worries about what time we need to leave in order to get to Andrew's parents' house. And then we found out that my parents were going to spend the day with my aunt and uncle in Iowa. And . . . what?

No one will be here but us? But who will cook all the food and wash all the dishes?

Granted, we were invited to go along on both Thanksgiving vacations. But we don't have the PTO to spare, and like I said, we were looking forward to the relaxation only a four-day weekend can provide. So we decided to have our own Thanksgiving. And when I say we, I mean I decided. I decided that Andrew and I would each cook two dishes and we'd end up with a meal, dagnabbit.

Andrew chose sweet potato casserole and apple crisp. I am making a turkey (just roasting a breast, not an entire bird), apple and walnut stuffing, and macaroni and cheese. It's a bit traditional, a bit nontraditional. But it will surely be delicious. So I suppose we are celebrating, just in a small way. Like Thanksgiving Lite.

Hope you have a happy Thanksgiving, loyal readers. All nine of you deserve it. Oh, and Noteworthy Thursday will be on hiatus this week for the holiday. I'll try to find an extra juicy one for next week.


Courtney said...

Macaroni and cheese and the stuffing sound delicious! Hope you have a fun and relaxing Thanksgiving at home. We love you!

C, Z, and little A

By the way, love the pic of you guys on the blog. Don't know how long it's been there but it's a good one.

katy said...

Wow... thanksgiving just the two of you... that makes you an official married couple (as if being married didn't) Happy thanksgiving guys :)