Monday, March 1

Let's get this over with already.

Since about the mid-point of my pregnancy, I've gotten a lot of cramps in my calves and feet, often in the middle of the night. Usually my leg will start to cramp up, the discomfort wakes me up, and I point and flex my foot until the cramp goes away. No big deal, really.

But last night was a different story. I woke up at 5:00am with a terrible, horrible charley horse that Would. Not. Go. Away. AT ALL. FOR A LONG, LONG TIME.

I literally woke up shrieking in pain, which woke Andrew up. He tried to help me by suggesting I drink some water, then getting up and going to the bathroom. Very helpful. He did later help me massage my leg and foot, which had also cramped up. But it seemed like forever before the pain went away, even though it was probably about two minutes, tops.

This wouldn't seem like THAT big a deal normally. After all, what's a little leg cramp now and then? But Emily just told me that labor contractions were sort of like bad charley horses, except in your belly instead of your legs. So last night as my leg is freaking out, that's all I could think about. This terrible, horrible, awful pain is sort of like labor, except it will last for HOURS AND HOURS?? It all sounds so fun, I can hardly stand it.

Have I ever mentioned that I don't handle pain well?


Linda and Matthew said...

Ugh, I had those darn charley horses with Charlotte. They totally suck! But remember, you can get this great thing called an epidural to help with labor pains. I also remember thinking more about getting THROUGH the pain as opposed to ending the pain while I was laboring with Charlotte, which is a totally different kind of mentality all together. And then you get a baby at the end and you completely forget about the previous hours when you look at that perfect little face. So. completely. worth. it.

PS- I'm waiting on a shipment that will soon be forward to you- fingers crossed it gets to you before your munchkin does!

Courtney said...

Contractions will probably be shorter than the duration of your leg cramps. Seriously. You will be okay!

Lindsay said...

You will do awesome! And remember...epidurals exist for a reason. :)

Anonymous said...

Linda Conley says DRUGS

Emoly said...