Saturday, October 16

Milo's First Pumpkin Patch

We took Milo to his first pumpkin patch today. These things are clearly designed for older kids, but we had a lot of fun wandering around and taking advantage of some great photo ops. The weather was just right, sunny and about 75 degrees. Maybe a little warm for October, but it was nice that we didn't have to bundle Milo up. Milo loved watching everything going on around him. I definitely want to go to another pumpkin patch next year and chase Milo around the pumpkins.


Kenton said...

Way. To. Cute.

Grandma Susan said...

Cute pictures of Milo with the pumpkins! He's growing up so fast.

Anonymous said...

GREAT PICTURES! He is growing up so fast and the family picture with the 3 of you is so good!