Thursday, October 14

Noteworthy Thursday #32

Dear Megan,

Wow, you have really been a downer lately. Go pour yourself some wine, put on your comfiest pants, and go watch three straight hours of TV. Or maybe go to bed early instead. But definitely start with the wine and comfy pants. You're going to be just fine. Things are already looking up.

After posting your List Of Sad yesterday, you got such an outpouring of support. And that made you feel super good. You are not alone, and other people have been there. And they have come out on the other side, and you will too. So what if you dropped your pump after your blog post went up yesterday and now it is making a funny noise? You laugh in the face of disaster! If the pump breaks today, it just gives you a good reason to go home and snuggle with your adorable baby.

He is extra adorable, you know. This morning he was so cuddly and sweet and let you just rock him for a few minutes. You weren't even thinking about how he wouldn't eat his peas last night or how you will have to attempt to feed him more peas tonight. No, you were just smelling his sweet head and hugging him close. It was a lovely moment.

And another good thing: the ladies at daycare said that Milo took a nice long nap yesterday and even fell asleep on his own! Of course, you didn't realize he hadn't been falling asleep on his own, and now you wonder just how exactly he has been falling asleep for the last few weeks, but no matter. The point is, Milo was happier last night because he had a good nap. And that meant you were happier, too.

It's a beautiful October day. Go make the most of it. Take five or ten minutes at lunchtime to go outside and soak up some sun. Then when you get home, I believe there is a bottle of red calling your name.


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