Tuesday, October 5

My Poor Baby

Yesterday Milo's eye started to look really red and bloodshot. He also started violently yanking on his ear. This morning I took him to the doctor. The diagnosis? Pinkeye, ear infections in both ears, and two clogged tear ducts.

Until he's been on the antibiotics 24 hours, no daycare for him. He's with Grandma Sarah now, probably playing and having a lovely time. (Considering how lousy he must feel, he was in an awfully good mood this morning.)

It's so sad to see him this way, with his goopy red eye and his dried-snot mustache. And even though he's been sleeping terribly the last couple of nights, I never suspected an ear infection. I must be a bad mother. (I kid, but I do feel sort of guilty for not getting him fixed sooner.)

Send good thoughts his way. Milo's got a long week ahead of him. He'll have all those antibiotics going into his system, and we're flying to D.C. this weekend for my dear friend Molly's wedding. I sure hope he's feeling much better by then. Antibiotics usually work quickly, right?


Linda and Matthew said...

Poor little guy! I never knew when Charlotte had an ear infection. She's usually pretty stoic when it comes to illness. I would suspect it until after she had spiked a 102 degree fever. Good job, mom.

Emoly said...

Oh nos! Poor Milo bear. Seems like any one of those problems would be plenty. I hope the antibiotics fix him up quickly.

JJ said...

Poor baby. But I doubt you can get him "fixed" against an ear infection. My mother tells me I got them all the time when I was a baby. Seems like it's commonplace among babies. Hope he...and you....begin to feel better soon!

Courtney said...

I didn't suspect Austin had an ear infection until the ER doc diagnosed it. If he's not tugging on his ear, there just aren't many clues. Poor Milo is having a rough induction into the germy world of daycare, huh? Hope he is healthy by Friday!