Wednesday, October 13

When it rains...

Things that have happened in the last two weeks:

  • Milo got pinkeye.
  • Milo had clogged tear ducts.
  • Milo had ear infections in both ears.
  • Milo threw up eight times in three hours (two nights before traveling).
  • Milo and I flew to Washington, D.C., where Milo burped up his entire meal the first night, leaving me without any pj's and him without a sleep sack for the rest of the trip.
  • Milo forgot how to poop, and seriously, four days is just too long to go without pooping.
  • Milo spent half the flight back from D.C. crying, making me want to cry as well.
  • Still reeling from my maternity leave and lack of a paycheck, we carried a balance on our credit card for the first time and had to get a cash advance from the bank when our checking account went into the negative.
  • My car battery died, leaving me desperately calling around, trying to a) get someone to pick up Milo, and b) get someone to take me home.
  • I fell further behind on my projects at work due to spending half a day trying to get my car fixed.
  • My boobs began holding my milk hostage, refusing to let me pump the amount I know Milo needs.
  • I dropped one of the bottles of pumped milk as I was putting it into my cooler bag, and it broke.
  • Milo hasn't taken a decent nap in weeks, and is tired and cranky by the time he gets home in the evening, and it makes me so sad to only have fussy time with him each night.


Emoly said...

Oh my goodness! I send you hugs.

Kenton said...

You forgot the part about how awesome he is and how much he loves his mama.