Friday, July 1

Guess what?

Remember how Milo had The Diaper Rash That Would Not Go Away? Well! Turns out he had (has?) an MRSA infection!

That's terrible!

Yes. Well. I suppose I feel like somewhat better of a parent for not being able to fix it. I felt such guilt over The Rash, like maybe we just need to switch soaps or lotions AGAIN or try a new detergent AGAIN or give him more probiotics or try yet another rash cream or ointment or put him on another antibiotic for a yeast infection he didn't have (WHICH IS THE EXACT SORT OF BEHAVIOR THAT LEADS TO MRSA IN THE FIRST PLACE).

But still. How many months did he have this infection without it ever being discovered? My guess is close to six. How much damage could it have done in that time? Plenty. How many other kids at the daycare have it (because yes, I am 99.9 percent certain that he contracted it at daycare)? Who knows?

There's really no telling if Milo still has it. His diaper rash is sometimes better, sometimes worse. But since we haven't done anything to treat MRSA, I'd guess it's still present. Poor kid.


Anonymous said...

You have really been through a lot with this rash, what with the worry of having it on your baby and the frustration of trying everything possible to get rid of it but with little success. I wish the doctors had some way to get these things figured out sooner. Sometimes I think (this may not be your situation at all) that they assume everything is just a normal occurrence and don't really focus hard enough on the possibility that there may be a real issue that needs to be addressed.

Anonymous said...

Poor guy, I am sure that was shocking to you too. It's so hard to not really "know" what's going on or know how to make it better. I hate that. I hope he is better soon!!!