Thursday, July 21

Where has the month gone? The 16-Month Stats

This last month has flown by. In some ways, Milo seems exactly the same as he did a month ago, and in other ways, he’s totally different.

He’s learning language like crazy. Almost every day he surprises me with another word he knows. I doubt I can even list them all at this point. A few notable words: Daddy, baby, tree, uh-oh, please (spoken and sign language), car.

He can identify his mouth, nose, head, belly, belly button, feet, toes (okay, feet and toes might be the same in his mind), and we’re working on ears.

On command, Milo will give hugs and kisses (sometimes), raise the roof, hand over his paci (most of the time), and say bye-bye.

Milo is turning into a real toddler. As of late, he cries All. The. Time. Pretty sure he’s learned to manipulate us. He throws tantrums, kicks his feet on the floor and screams. He will let his body go limp or throw his head back or fling his body one way or another when he’s upset. It’s very trying and we don’t really know how to deal with it. We’re trying to ignore the bad behavior and reward the good. I still think doing something like putting him in time-out would be fairly useless at this point. Just don’t think he gets it.

Milo has been waking up at all hours of the night crying. Nothing is ever wrong—not poopy, not soaked through, not sick. He just wants to hang out. We’re working on quitting going in there.

No recent official measurements, but I think Milo is growing taller and maintaining his weight. His belly doesn’t seem quite as round lately.

He still has plenty of chub, though. He’s got delicious round thighs and those cute dimples on the back of his hands. We’ve gotten several comments lately from people saying how big he is.

Unfortunately, Milo is starting to be a little bit pickier of an eater. Some nights he’ll eat everything on his plate; other nights he’ll only eat the carbs and dairy. He’s definitely not a fan of meat. Still like eggs, bananas, and yogurt.

His hair looks more and more red to me, especially in the sun.

He’s taken to dancing whenever there’s music playing. So cute to see him bobbing up and down.

He loves being chased, and is getting pretty good at running away—his balance is much improved, and he can basically run at this point.

When he walks, his arms swing around sort of haphazardly in an adorable way. Must get video of this.

Milo has five teeth.

Milo had his first trip to the beach this month. He enjoyed playing in the sand and came to enjoy the ocean, though it was intimidating at first. Photos to come.

Milo swats away things he doesn’t want. Sippy cups, spoons, a book. Sigh.

Even with all these ridiculous toddler traits, the crying and the tantrums and the swatting, it’s fun to watch this baby turn into a little kid. He’s still fairly awesome in spite of growing up on me.

Sorry for the phone-quality photos. Our camera is still with my parents, who drove it (and a bunch of our other stuff) back from vacation.


Linda and Matthew said...

This is when we started time out with Charlotte. He'll get it. It should only be about a minute long (I heard once one minute for each year or six months and that has worked well for us). It's about removing him from you so he understands that his behavior means he doesn't get to be with people. Pick a place and always use that place. You'll be surprised with how quickly he gets it. Just my experience. The usual disclaimer with "every child is different". :)

Grandma Susan said...

This can't be my "perfect" grandson you are speaking of? But he is so cute!!! Parenting is a challenge sometimes---but you guys are doing great! Patience, patience, patience.