Tuesday, January 8

Happy Car, Angry Megan

This morning I got the oil changed in my car. Early-bird special, you know. That damn "maintenance required" light still didn't go off. Good thing Google showed me how to reset it months ago, when I first realized that the kids at Jiffy Lube didn't know how (or didn't care, which seems more in character for them).

Speaking of Jiffy Lube, I kind of hate it, yet I continue to go there. I think it's time for that madness to end. This morning the guy calls me out to the garage area and shows me my air filter and speaks about this dire situation as if a life is on the line. Look how filthy it is, he says, it is drastically reducing your gas mileage, he says. I can change it myself, I say, no thanks, I say. He kind of shrugs and warns me that my gas mileage is going down the tubes but whatever I want to do. Then he goes on to try to talk me into the more expensive "premium" oil, because that is what my car's manufacturer recommends for this vehicle. No thanks, I say. He glares, starts to speak. No thanks, I say, regular oil is fine. He glares again and sends me back into the waiting area. Grrrr. I'm telling you, next time I'm taking my business someplace else.

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Jeff said...

I changed my air filter myself 2 months ago, then took my car into Jiffy Lube 1 month ago, where they promptly informed me that my air filter was in need of changing.

It's 100% profit for them (or more) so they push it every time. I felt like punching the guy when he said that.