Thursday, January 10

Someone needs to ’fess up

So, faithful readers, which one of you was it? And why? We don’t get it. I guess it could be a joke? But why is it funny? Seriously. Megan and Andrew = Confused.

But I have gotten ahead of myself. Let me explain. About eight weeks ago (or maybe some other number of weeks; I actually have no concept whatsoever of how much time has passed), Andrew started getting Newsweek. Or rather, Adam Langhofer started getting Newsweek. At our address. And it just kept coming. And we just kept reading random Newsweek articles, even though we weren’t particularly interested in their subject matter.

But now, Adam Langhofer no longer gets Newsweek. And Andrew has read every article in our most recent issue five times. People, you can’t just dangle something in front of him and then snatch it away. That is just mean.

Who is dangling something? It is time to play, yes?

I have to assume that someone we know signed Andrew/Adam up because of the obvious hilarity of it all. Since pretty much everyone we know reads this blog (or knows about it at least, because come on, it’s not that interesting), or at least all of the funny people we know, I want a signed confession from whoever it was on my desk first thing in the morning. Oh, and would you mind explaining the joke?


Adam Langhofer said...

Why have you been stealing my magazines?

Megan said...


Molly said...

did you ever figure this one out?