Thursday, January 31

Hi Emo

This morning I got a request from my-best-friend-since-kindergarten Emily to update this so that she would have something to read. So here you go. I’m not convinced that this will be the most enlightening thing to read, but it might help pass the time.

Since I’m writing for her, I’m also going to write about her (aren’t you glad you requested an update now?). I’m going to use my preshus blog space to pimp her loft. Emily and her husband bought a hip urban loft in the crossroads district of KC. They need a renter. Do any of you know anyone in the metro area who is looking to rent a hip urban loft? Could it be you? Or one of your coworkers is looking to move, perhaps?

Emily, if you send me some pictures I will post them. And trust me, people, you’re gonna want to see it. It’s very fun. Reasonable rate. Nice balcony and fantastic landlords included.

Leave a little comment if you’re interested. Or just because.

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Emoly said...

You love me. I only have crappy during-construction pictures and they aren't technically even mine. I might have some by tomorrow, in which case I will send them to you.