Monday, February 4

Harder Better Faster Stronger

For Christmas, I asked for a few sessions with a personal trainer, and I got them. Three of them. Last week I had my first appointment with my new trainer, Nicole. Since I have a gym membership and Nicole is not employed by the gym, the plan was that she would work up some kind of weightlifting-stretching-etc. routine for me to follow when I’m at the gym.

Despite barely being able to walk for three days after my first appointment (the squats and lunges very nearly killed me), I think I’m going to like this plan. I have a list of exercises, and I do them. No standing around in the gym wondering which mysterious piece of equipment I should attempt to navigate next. So far it’s all going well. Andrew has gone with me and done the same exercises, which is awesome. I’d like to think he’s there to motivate me, but he’s probably doing the routine to get himself in better shape. But it’s nice having him there. Who else would count for me and make sure I’m doing all the reps?

My next appointment with Nicole is in three weeks. I’m hoping that by then she sees some improvement. Send good exercisey thoughts my way, please. Working out is hard.

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