Wednesday, February 13

More Project Runway

Tim is here to check things out and bring in the models for a fitting. Uh oh, Sweet P's model is late. Not coming? Coming? Whoever has Sweet P on her team just got some points for model trouble.

Oooh, a special guest! Look, it's. . . Who? Collier Strong? Bleh, who cares. Makeup consultant or some such shit. Bring back SJP! I want to get Bitten!

Chris is done early. He is taking a nap on the couch outside. What is he thinking?! Get in there and fix the hem, or something.

I find it bizarre that Christian can fit into the clothes he designs. They are meant to fit a very skinny girl. I guess he is just a very skinny little boy.

Moment of truth. . . Tim doesn't think Chris's outfit is "wowable." Tim is worried. Like usual.

Ack, cat on my lap making it hard to type.

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