Wednesday, February 13

And the winner is. . .

. . .Christian! Cocky bastard.

Jillian is in, headed to Fashion Week.

Sweet P is out. Saw that coming, didn't we?

It's down to Rami and Chris. Who will get the final spot in Bryant Park?

Yes! Chris is in!

Bur wait, what??? Rami is also in? This is crazy talk!

They apparently both have to create collections for Fashion Week, but only one will actually get to show his collection. Very interesting, no?

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Emoly said...

I hate Christian. I hate him more every time he says fierce. And then a little bit more when he goes on about how great he is and how everybody else sucks. They always end up having 4 people at the Bryant Park, etc. thing because the fashion show happens before you find out which of the 4 are eliminated.