Friday, February 15

Not such a fun day

Andrew was in a car accident yesterday. He is not hurt, thankfully, but it was a shaky day for both of us. He was just driving along, going through a green light, when another car that should have yielded to him turned into the intersection right in front of him. Andrew slammed into the other car at 40-45 mph. His airbags deployed and his car is likely totaled. The other driver was injured, though we don’t really know how badly. Not life-threatening or anything.

It took a couple of hours for the scariness of the whole thing to sink in with me. When Andrew called to tell me he’d been in an accident, I wasn’t too shaken, since I could hear his voice and knew he was okay. But later, when I began to go through the what-ifs and kept thinking how much worse it could have been, I felt sick. It has been a long week for me and Andrew anyway—he’s been working long hours and in class two nights a week, and it was all just getting to me (to both of us, really). This car accident sort of threw everything back in perspective. So what if he has to work late or go to class? He is still coming home to me at the end of the day.

We went to the towing place and cleaned out his car. I took a couple of pictures that will get posted soon (I can’t seem to get them to load correctly right now). For now, Andrew is driving a rental courtesy of our insurance company. We’ll have to make some decisions about buying a new car, or a used car, or what. So much to do and think about. I just hate this whole situation.

As for Valentine’s Day, we still managed to have a good evening. We had dinner together and saw a movie. Very low-key, but I think that was for the best.

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Linda said...

I'm so glad Andrew's ok! How scary.

On the bright side, you get to experience that new car smell. Have fun shopping!