Wednesday, February 13

To sum up

Check out this series of entries, nearly live-blogging Project Runway. You'll get my thoughts on today's episode. If you don't watch the show, I'm sure it will be fascinating for you. First entry in the series is at the bottom of the page, so keep on scrolling down. (though I just realized that you can see who the winner is right away, since the last entry is right after this one. Hmmm. . . is it too late for a spoiler alert?)

BTW, this is clearly the last time I am going to do this. It's like blogging, only worse, and it's also like watching TV, only worse. Yeah. Not so much for me. Apparently I don't multi-task well.

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Jackie said...

I LOVE the PR play by play! I'm totally addicted to the show! I'm cheering for Jillian and Chris, but I think Christian will win. He's very talented, but he's so cocky I can't bring myself to cheer for him. Perhaps we'll have to arrange a PR Finale Watch Party!!! And, btw, since I'm old school with my 19" 1997 TV with no DVR I know that PR starts at 9:00pm central time. ;-)