Sunday, February 10

You've got to see this.

Words really can't adequately describe the new Zadie. In case you missed it, she got the lion. And a little Valentine's Day bandana. And she smelled like baby powder. Seriously. I didn't know cats could smell like that. But enough talk. Let's get to the good stuff (the photos).

True to form, Zadie went straight for the food bowl as soon as she got home from the vet. In her defense, she hadn't eaten in over 24 hours (since she was getting anesthesia, the vet said no food).

I'm not sure if Gary didn't visibly recognize Zadie or if she just smelled different or what, but Gary was very cautious around this "new" cat. Gary kept peeking around doorways and watching Zadie, but every time Zadie got too close, Gary hissed, poofed up her tail, and ran away.

Without her fur, you can definitely see the blubbery rolls on this cat. They weighed her at the vet's office, and she is a hefty 18 pounds, 8 ounces. They suggested she lose about four pounds. Do the math, people. That's a huge percentage (I didn't actually do the math, or I would tell you exactly what that percentage is. But I bet it's a lot.).

Who took mah fur? I can has fur back? Kthxbai.


Courtney said...

Wow, Zadie needs to lose 21.6% of her weight.

Just wondering, why the lion? Is this considered an attractive look by you cat people?

Emoly said...

I'm a little scared of her now. Also, she weights a good 4 pounds more than Jack.