Friday, February 8

Shave and a Haircut... Definitely Not Two Bits

Guess what is happening today? Perhaps right this minute, as you read this? Our darling kitty is becoming a lion. Or more accurately, she is getting a lion. Not sure what I am talking about? Getting a lion is like getting a mullet or a bowl cut. Yes, now you’ve got it. We are shaving Zadie, by which I mean the vet is shaving Zadie, by which I mean the vet’s assistants are shaving Zadie. Pictures will come soon. She will have fur on her head and around her paws, and probably nowhere else. I wonder if she will still love us...

Guess what else is happening today? I am getting my hair cut. I know, I know, booooorrrriiiiing. But I had to mention it since I put it in the title. And FYI, the entire day’s hair/fur loss will not cost two bits, but more like 104 bits (dollah dollah bills, y’all). And Zadie is the lion’s share of that (get it? the LION’S share? Ha!!!). Forgive me; it’s early.

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