Wednesday, February 13

Here comes Heidi

Seriously, who cares about the models? I don't even remember their names from week to week. All this drama over the models, sheesh.

Chris stayed with the girl who is apparently called Marcia. Amanda is out. Dammit.

The challenge. . . another field trip. 5th Avenue and 82nd Street. Where are they going? The suspense in this show kills me!

Ahh, the Metropolitan Museum of Art! Rami thinks it is huge (thank you Captain Obvious).

Hee hee, statue butts!

They are using art as inspiration for their designs. What a novel idea. 45 minutes to pick their art inspiration. Rami is stuck on the draped Greek stuff. No surprises there.

Christian likes the European gallery. He would. (I don't even know what I mean by that.)

Jillian finds it spiritual. I find her annoying.

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