Friday, August 22

It’s just four cards.

Hallmark recently added four cards to its wedding line that celebrate same-sex marriage. And for some reason, this is causing a bit of a stir in some places. So much so that some people are boycotting the company. Ummm . . . what? Where will they go to get their hoops&yoyo product? Am I just that naïve, or are some people actually that homophobic? These are the same people who don’t watch ABC, aren’t they? I find it difficult to grasp how close-minded people can be. How does one get through the day with that much hate?

Maybe I’m just too idealistic, too young, too sheltered. But really. Four measly greeting cards? Is that worth getting so worked up over? Is one complete stranger marrying another complete stranger a big deal? So what if they’re both men, or both women?

I don’t believe Hallmark released these new cards to make a political statement or to take some kind of stance. I think they saw an opportunity to make a few more bucks and fill a consumer need while they’re at it. And if that happens to make the world a little more accepting, then I’m all for it.

Oh, and full disclosure: I am currently employed by Hallmark Cards. But this comes from me, the consumer. I like to send the very best, too.

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Emoly said...

I'd boycott Hallmark if they pulled the cards from the line. This is one of HRC's most successful projects: