Thursday, August 28

All that yellow was making me blue.

This morning, Daily Candy told me about an organization that is working to stop unsolicited phone book delivery in an effort to be more environmentally friendly. All you have to do is input your address and they sign you up.

I’m all for this no-phone-book idea. Every six months or so we find another gigantic phone book on our front porch. So we (I) lug it inside and we (I) replace the older book with the new, and we (I) put the older one in the recycle bin. And in the last three years, I bet we’ve used the phone book fewer than three times. In fact, I can’t actually think of an example of where we needed a phone book.

So, feeling smug and self-righteous, as we tree huggers tend to do, I signed up for the free service. I hope I never get another phone book in my life. If you also share my dream of deleting the phone book from your life, sign up at


Jeff said...

Filthy hippie commies.*

*I signed up too.

Stephanie said...

I only wished this would work at apartments! A couple days ago we woke up to those huge yellow books in plastic bags (another waste) next to everyone's door.... two days later they are all still there. Obviously no one wants them.