Friday, August 8

10 Things I Learned In Florida

  1. Sleeping in the same room as a four-month-old is not that difficult, really, if you are not the one who is supposed to get up when the crying starts.
  2. I still dislike the greasy feeling of sunscreen.
  3. Andrew looks hot with a beard.
  4. Fried hot dogs are definitely worse than corn dogs.
  5. It is exceptionally Not Fun to play miniature golf when it is over ninety degrees outside.
  6. Chocolate-dipped waffle cones from Big Olaf’s are the best.
  7. You shouldn’t bother walking the two miles back to the condo in the hot hot heat when someone has offered to pick your sorry asses up.
  8. Shuffleboard is not just for old people.
  9. The view from a beach-front, 4th floor condo can't be beat.
  10. Andrew can make water come out of his hat.


Courtney said...

But if you are the one who's supposed to get up when the crying starts... :-(

You and Andrew were such good sports about sharing a room with us and Austin--thanks! Great pictures!

Molly said...

LUV the one of Andrew shuffle-boarding!

Emoly said...

Mini-golf is never fun. It's a hard life lesson everybody has to learn sooner or later.