Sunday, August 17

Shouldn't it be getting hot in here?

I’ve probably sunk to a new low when I write a “crazy weather we’re having, isn’t it?” post, but for real, crazy weather we’re having, isn’t it? For August, that is, or as I call it, The Worst Month Ever. It’s always miserably hot and sticky and full of hot hot sun. I hate August and think it should just go away, and some people agree with me. But this August? This I could live with.

Right now, our windows are all open. I can hear tons of crickets, or cicadas, or whatever buggy-type things are out there. I can hear kids playing (and alternately crying). I can hear the faint sounds of the highway, and an occasional train. I don’t think our windows have ever been open in August. We’re a/c kind of people. But it’s only 80 degrees. Maybe even 75. I don’t know, I’m no Bryan Busby. And it has been this pleasant for a long time. Two weeks, maybe? Don’t tell Andrew, but I think I may be falling in love with August.

Of course, this kind of weather is sort of Weird—capital W Weird. I’ve seen several flocks of geese, presumably flying south for the winter. A tree in our front yard has already begun changing color and losing a few leaves. The kids have even gone back to school. Don’t they know that school doesn’t start until September?

Plus, no one is going to believe that the Earth is getting warmer when it’s only in the 70s in August. And I am a big fan of getting people to believe that the Earth is getting warmer and that they should consider doing something about it. I won’t go all Al Gore on your ass, but I’m reading this. I think you should, too.


Linda and Matthew said...

I've got another book for you to read. Matt and I just read it for a book club. We have 2 copies so I can send you one if you are interested. It's called Field Notes on a Catastrophe: Man, Nature and Climate Change by Elizabeth Kolbert. Interesting read.

Emoly said...

I have Plan B 2.0. That guy came and talked at the Bank and we got free copies since 3.0 was coming out in a few months.