Monday, August 25

This Old House

It’s been too long. I bet you hardly remember it anymore. I know I don’t. But maybe these pictures will jog your memory. (Of course I’m speaking of our house renovations, which are sort of, almost, kind of nearing completion. Mark says three more days of work. Andrew says three weekends. My money’s on Andrew.)

Here is Andrew doing the limbo. Notice the wall color behind him. That is tinted primer, looking a tad jaundiced.

Here you’ll see a little ceiling painting action going on. Funny story about the ceiling paint: Mark and Stan came to paint on a Friday afternoon, when Andrew and I were at work (I love how that worked out for us). And they opened the ceiling paint, which was magical in that it was tinted purple, but dried white. You know, so you could see what you had already painted. But Mark and Stan did not know that it dried white. So they called me to see if I really wanted the ceiling purple. But I was, you know, at work and all, and did not answer my phone. So they didn’t paint. They went home instead. See? I told you it was a funny story. *cough*

I believe I may have mentioned the dust? This is a sampling of said dust, where the cats are learning how to tango.

Fast-forward to the next weekend. This is the actual paint color. We love it, and I mean that. The green looks completely different in different lights and times of day. Fortunately, we love it all the time. I think we’ll love it even more when the white trim and doors go up. I’ll love it so much, I may have to make out with it.

Here’s the room in the afternoon sunlight. Nice, don’t you think? All it needs is a mantel, white trim, window treatments, and some furniture.

And this is a lovely picture of me and my dear, dear friend Christy. We only see each other a few times a year, and I was lucky enough to get to hang out with her this weekend. Aren’t we cute?

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Stephanie said...

I agree, I LOVE the green color you chose. You are so stylish! ;) and I think all those hours in front of HGTV is paying off. I can't wait to see the finished room!