Thursday, May 7

Noteworthy Thursday #20

Things to note about this note:

  1. It's written on pink paper! Pink recycled and/or recyclable paper!
  2. This was sent to me while I was at camp. I still think it was fairly awesome that my friends sent me letters--nay, mailed me letters--when I was gone for a week.
  3. Molly only passed along two main pieces of information, and one was that Claire's was having a "10 pairs of earrings for $5" sale and THAT is what she wished I were there for.
  4. We really loved the phrase "have your people call my people." Also, "we'll do lunch."


Molly said...

1. Ah, yes, my Mom is/was such an environmental nut.
2. I did pass along that things were getting pretty boring without you AND the exact location of Emo.
3. I was 12 and excited about how healthfully I was eating...LAME!
4. Have your people call my people in July and we'll do lunch!

Anonymous said...

Molly was and is amazingly creative.