Monday, May 25

Pretty In Pink

Our cats are not declawed. They’re all-natural, baby. Andrew and I made the decision to not declaw them because after researching the topic, we just couldn’t do it. It’s not a very nice procedure. But—we knew that any furniture we had would suffer. These cats like to scratch on things, and their tiny brains can’t seem to grasp the difference between the scratching post and the edges of the furniture (or our guests’ faces).

To save the furniture (and our guests’ faces), we bought Soft Claws. They’re little nail covers for the cats. The covers are tiny rubber pieces that we basically superglue onto the cats’ nails. Needless to say, the cats LOVE this process and look forward to it Every. Single. Week. (The first time Andrew tried to glue the covers onto Gary he ended up throwing her down the stairs. It’s not a fun process. But I digress.)

The only kind of Soft Claws available at our local pet superstore were clear, but the packaging said the covers came in other colors. At first, we were all, “Colored Soft Claws would be stupid. We don’t want our cats to look stupid.” But after a few months, we realized that it was difficult to tell when the covers had fallen off when they were clear. And surprisingly, Gary and Zadie don’t love it when we inspect their paws.

So we looked online (I just love the interwebs, don’t you?) and bought some bright pink Soft Claws. And they are awesome. Our kitties look so stylish with their preshus manicures. And we can always tell when it’s time to apply more Soft Claws. (By the way, the packaging says we should only have to reapply every 4-8 weeks, when the nail naturally sheds, but it’s more like every 4-8 days. For real.) (But still totally worth it.)

My man and my cat . . .
showing off their pink (and their chest hair).

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