Thursday, May 28

Noteworthy Thursday #23

Okay, this is sort of amazing. And when I say that, keep in mind that my amazement standards are quite low. Last week in Noteworthy Thursday, we saw that Ginger had run out of paper. This week, she apparently had too much paper. (How does one really have too much paper, anyway? It boggles the mind.) Isn't that crazy?!

My favorite part is the summary. You'll love it, too, if you make it that far.


Emoly said...

Who was Blue?

Megan Langford said...

Yeah, I don't know who Blue was. I was hoping you would remember that. Must not have been that important--all you wanted was to kid around with him.

Molly said...

What 15 year old talks about how they don't like dust?

Was clover a code word for anything?